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335 West Fantasy Country 335 Not to mention, he had only one son, so he would not refuse his son's request. Baozhu thought that the elder brother in the memory of the original owner was an impulsive and irritable person, but he was very good to his two sisters. Otherwise, the original owner is just a lover for the prince, but also able to die safely, also has the handwriting of this brother. To be able to go out to see the world, Baozhu is still very happy, early ready, there is already a carriage waiting outside the door, Cuddsey has arrived, she is also very excited. It was still early when the three men arrived at the Academy, and Solard was wary all the way, worried that the blind one had bumped into the two petite sisters, which was a bit funny. Very not easy to escort two people to the bleachers, a group of his buddies got the news early, around, there are two empty seats in the middle, two people sit down, Solard, just relieved, "will help me take good care of my sister." "Sister, don't be afraid. These people are all brothers from my brother's college. They are all very reliable. You can sit here and watch later. After that, we will go back." Solard's earnest exhortation. Cuddsey smiled and said, 'I know, brother, you can go to work.' The main reason was that she disliked her brother for being too wordy. She pulled down the enclosure,wire mesh decking, and her face was exposed all of a sudden. Those people were amazing for a moment. Baozhu took a look, did not do so, it is better to keep a low profile here, most of the students who saw Khadsi could not help looking at this side, many female students were jealous. But also know that this time is not suitable for hands, can only use the eyes to patronize Kadsey and orb, orb is the kind of person who lies down and is shot. Solard's match is coming soon. It seems that the opponents are very strong. The men here are generally tall and powerful. The average size of women is more than 170. Baozhu and Kadesi are only 165 at most, which is already very petite. Solader's battle was obviously to be beaten. No, in just a few minutes Solader was wounded, but the other side attacked more and more fiercely, and almost penetrated Solader's heart several times. The orb looked worried, and Cadsy stood up and stared nervously at the fight between the two men. When Solader almost died again, Cadsy no longer hid, flew directly up and took the blow. But I still step back a lot of steps, the man took a look at Kadsey, unexpectedly began to attack again, Kadsey has no combat experience, has been suppressed. Where is the exotic flower here? Even if you can't take pity on her, even women are beaten, and they are not polite at all. Baozhu feels that she knows too little. This man is so cold-blooded. Seeing that he really had no mercy, the orb quietly spread its mental strength and directly stabbed the man's left hand, which finally made the man put away his attack and turn his head to lo


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